Calm in the chaos

  • Eating well each day
  • Listening to a podcast, ted talk or motivational you tube video
  • Having my reflective chilled playlist on whilst cooking
  • Relaxing in the spa
  • Talking to my mum
  • Baking cupcakes with my niece
  • Going for a morning when the birds are chirping at 6am
  • Having a g&t with my dad
  • Having the candles on in the evening
  • Doing a Win Hof breathing meditation
  • Listening to my calm app in bed
  • A beautiful sunrise and sunset
  • Going round to my best mates in my Pjs and slippers
  • Looking at the stars
  • Flicking through photo albums of when we were kids
  • Getting into clean sheets in bed
  • Talking to my therapist
  • Being on time
  • Swimming with my niece
  • Writing in my journal
  • Taking a walk when I can’t think clearly
  • Blocking my day into manageable chunks
  • The smell and sound of the sea
  • The smell of incense
  • Remembering to be hopeful



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Natalie Potts

Natalie Potts

Award Winning Coach | Mentor | CPD | DISC Personality Profiler | Turn your purpose into a successful coaching business. Podcaster — TICK TOCK BOOM!